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Tyler Steel’s life story plays out like a modern-day country song. Raised on a farm in Italy, Texas, Steel’s roots are steeped with a dirt rich in family, hard work and country music.

Steel began flirting with music at a young age, entertaining his four sisters by using the family’s brick fireplace as a stage, the poker as a microphone and “performing” while his sisters danced in front. As a youngster, he also began exploring the sport of motocross. In fact, Steel credits his motocross career with steering him toward a new one in music.

Steel began traveling the country with his father and racing competitively at only five years old. At the age of nine, Steel ranked 8th at the U.S. Amateur National Motocross Championship; however, a serious accident during a competition when he was 13 left him with a broken collarbone, a bruised kidney and a bruised pelvis. The accident changed the course of the rising star’s ambitions.

“I realized that you can’t sing on stage if you’re wrapped up in a cast,” says Steel. “I needed to slow down. So I locked myself up in a room while I was recovering and I taught myself to play guitar.”

His solo career was also initiated by happenstance. The drummer in his band forgot his hi-hat, forcing an 18-year-old Steel to play the entire gig solo acoustic. “I never took it seriously when people complimented me until that day. I fell in love with the adrenaline rush. The way music makes me feel, I decided I wanted to make other people feel that way,” says Steel.

Having hailed from a blue-collar background, Steel has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. His first jobs included working in landscaping and toiling in the Texas oil fields. He even “cowboyed a bit” as a ranch hand.

Today, Steel is staying true to those roots. Along with writing every day, he’s also pounding the pavement, driving from town-to-town and living the entertainer’s adage “shake one hand, make a fan.” His family is always nearby – his dad is both his tour manager and his bus driver. It’s that sensibility of hard work and family that plays out in his music, including Steel’s new single, “Take You,” which brings to mind the modern country swagger of Jason Aldean and Cole Swindell.

Written by Steel alongside Bobby Mclamb, “Take You” isn’t a typical “song about a girl.” Instead it’s a universal story about how men struggle to plan the perfect date, complete with a moonlight and backroad backdrop.

“I’m not really a lovey dovey kinda guy,” admits Steel. “I always have to ask my wife where she wants to go and what’s a good date to her. I just wanted to write a song about how it doesn’t really matter to me where we go. . .as long as I’m with her.”

With two Billboard-charting songs already under his belt as well as past stints opening for Lonestar, Jerrod Neiman, Dylan Scott, Neal McCoy and Stoney LaRue, Steel is ready to hit the road (with his dad at the wheel, of course):

“I want to change somebody’s life. If I can lead somebody down the right path, if I can connect with people and make as many friends as I can, if I can make a good living doing what I love. . .that’s all I need.”