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Raised on a farm in Italy, Texas, Tyler Steel fell in love with music as a child.

He began singing in church in the children’s choir at age seven and by age nine his parents bought him his first guitar. He taught himself how to play guitar and has since picked up banjo, piano, and harmonica.

Tyler’s influences range from Aerosmith and Boston to Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean to Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. These influences all show in Tyler’s music. He incorporates a little bit of everything he listens to, from southern rock to new age to R&B, in order to create his sound.

In true country music fashion, Tyler writes many of his own songs and he loves collaborating with other writers and musicians as well. He finds inspiration for songwriting in his everyday life, particularly from his wife and their two sons. “My wife is a lot of my inspiration, we met at a young age and she’s been my go to for lyric material. As I’m getting older, I’ve got two little boys and they’re a lot of inspiration. Just life itself, I write about things I’ve done or seen or experienced.”

Tyler believes that life, and his career in music, are all about connections, relationships, and appreciating the people that you meet. That is why he’s excited to get to make a living doing what he loves to do while supporting his family and making lots of friends along the way.